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Friday is near

by Sui the Bunny

IMG_20160406_212523 It may look like scribbles to you but they are words just 2 words “worthless” and “useless”  (there is more words I have written this way but can’t bend my arm to get a pic) I needed to feel something I need to feel pain. (I also drew death with his scythe which I can’t bend my arm far enough to take pictures of that…) No I’m not bleeding tbh the site of blood makss me feel quite queasy. But I am starting not to give a fuck if I see my own blood when/if I decide to stab myself repeatedly over and over again. Some people are scared of falling asleep and never waking up. I’m afraid of falling asleep and waking up. I’m to scared to wake up because I’m sick of feeling this way but the demons are winning the monsters are clawing their way to get me and bring me down to the dark cold emptiness I now feel….. Friday nears and it is rather inviting maybe I’ll finally be at peace with myself.. Sorry for the rant…. Now I’m self-centered thats another name to add to my arm.


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PhantomCitizen43 4/6/2016 - 10:33 am

Please dont cut your arm like that anymore. Its not good for you.
Can you try to find some other way to vent > like music or art or poetry or creative writing or something else. Nobody here wants to see you hurt yourself in this way.
Try to take care of yourself. You are a good person.

shatterediris 4/6/2016 - 7:17 pm

at first glance I thought those were unown but then realized they are something else entirely…. I’m sort of wondering if that was pen, I’m assuming so…. Pen can get surprisingly painful with enough force and a fine tip -_- I do hope that things start going in such a way that you won’t have to do things like that for a bit (at least a bit) Good luck ^_^ I hope that you have many days, and also hope that friday is also good for you (no matter what you decide to do(although I would prefer it to be other things)), sorry if I am awkward with this response, I don’t know exactly how to respond, but I want to…. I guess I’m just trying to say “*hugs* I hope you will be okay” without seeming creepy, or sounding clueless

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