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Hello to old friends and new. As you can see im not dead or in prison which i guess is a good thing. ( depending who you ask ) i haven’t been on in awhile, trying to be strong for eveybody else lmao. Anyways i do pop in to read post now and then but had to post today. Like many people, this is my vent. I get a lot of good advice, kind words, and a whole lotta ” shit ” off my chest. Its been 4 years today that GOD took my oldest son. He was 21 gonna be 22 that year. He was my name sake, my little buddy, my road dawg, most importantly he was my baby. I try not think about the accident that much but i cant help it on certain days. I lost his momma in a car accident too in 2001 and it was me and him, now its just me. But i just gotta toughen up, things will get better, it couldnt possibly get worse right ??? Wrong, foolish words from foolish people who dont know what theyre talkin about, and if i seem like an asshole im sorry. People need to realize that sometimes they do more harm than good. You know exactly how i feel huh ??? Unless youve buried your child, you have no fuckin idea. So whatever happened to just a simple ” im sorry for your loss ” or “my condolences ” seems like everybody is in competition with each other. Guess what ? I dont wanna compete. YOU WIN congratulations !!! I really am sorry for this post, but i do thank you for letting me vent. Im just a very angry man right now, funny how life has that effect on us sometimes. Wish everybody well and keep the rubber side down, as for me. Im gonna put my happy mask back on and go back out into this rotten world and make everybody think everything is just fine lol. ( but we know dont we ??? Wink wink )


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gkks 6/29/2016 - 9:03 am

I am so so sorry for your losses. Can’t even imagine the pain you have been throught. It’s against nature for a parent to lose his child. Try to stay strong and remember him.

soulsister 6/29/2016 - 10:12 am

Losing your child must be the most painful experience a human can suffer.

My grandmother grieved everyday for 60 years after she lost her son. She never got over it and neither did my grandfather. I talked to my grandmother alot she was my bestfriend. She told me the most soul disturbing pain you could ever feel was to bury your child. No parent should ever have to do that, they were meant to bury you.

She did heal over the years though because after that she become spiritual. Not like religion or God or anything but she used to feel him sometimes, and that he was still with her. She would talk to him even. Everyone called her crazy, but these visits made her happy. You know what I believe everything she said though of course there still here just free from bodily form. Love never dies. You can sometimes see them in your dreams, or bring them back through a memory. I don’t know if you have had strange experiences about your son and wife. Do you wish you could talk to them? Well if your keen you should checkout a medium someone who talks to your loved ones who have passed over. You might think it’s evil or against it. Just a suggestion because I know it’s worked for many people. Even just that reassurance that they are alright. Maybe you could even just read about it. Colin fry is the best IMO and his books about the afterlife and how to heal yourself because the person who dies, does not die it is the people they leave behind.

Well I hope I haven’t said anything offensive sorry for the rant and well yeah you can just label me crazy if you want.

noneedforaname 6/29/2016 - 9:51 pm

Lol if you’re crazy then I’m screwed. No offense, I’m very appreciative for your kind words and yes your grandma was right. It does get better and i know he’s with me. Just certain day s affect me differently. That’s why i come here, it seems like us crazy people are the only ones who truly get it sometimes and having people such as yourself is the greatest blessing I could ever ask for ? thank you

Cordless 6/29/2016 - 11:05 am

I’m sorry for the grief you’ve had, especially today.

I’m glad to see you posting; I’d been thinking of you and hoping things were ok.

noneedforaname 6/29/2016 - 9:54 pm

Thank you cordless I’ve been thinking about you as well and hope that you are good. I truly hope your life turns as beautiful as you are, because you are a very special woman. Always there with a kind word and thought and you have no idea just how much that means ?

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