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Self harm

by lxmyrick

Hey SP,

I am pretty active on here, I’m mean I read all of your post.  But I need some help.  So I am not happy, but not sad or depressed, but I do self harm for enjoyment.  Not because I am trying to deal with my emotional pain and I change it to physical pain.

Why do I do this?

If any of you could conact me, please do

Kik: Cancersurvivor05

Email: bobs65325@gmail.com

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Limited_infinity 11/4/2016 - 4:29 pm

Forgive me for being so blunt but as a complete shot in the dark, perhaps you’re missing a certain something. Maybe you cant define it yet, that’s ok. But maybe you aren’t 100% yet? If you can identify anything that isn’t quite “as it should be” in yourself, it may be a start.

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