Dear Ex,

December 13th, 2016by omghella

*gets on soap-box*

We were in love and I dropped you like a hot tamale. I didn’t even give you a good reason. I just left. And you don’t even appear to fucking care. Do you still like me? Do you hate me? You roll your eyes when you see me hugging my new friend in the hallway, but you still like my photos on Instagram. You find every excuse to text me but you passive aggressively tweet that you hate me… and then you delete it because you feel bad and text me that you’re sorry and want my forgiveness. Do you want my attention or not? Do you want me back or not?? Cuz if you do, I would love to hear it because God knows I’m that lesbian with the huge, bitchy ego that loves being loved. (And I fucking own it.) And if you don’t, then you’re wrong. Because you should. This Hispanic bad-ass full-blown-Aries lesbian gave you sugar and spice and everything nice for our whole entire relationship and I deserve more of mourning process from you than I got, because I am fucking worth it and you sucked. in. bed. You didn’t deserve me. The only thing I owe you is a huge, royal THANK YOU for reminding me that I have beautifully high standards for a reason and I need to pay myself some damn respect and never break them again. Because I am queen. And I deserve a fucking queen. Everyone deserves a fucking queen. Or king. Or whatever the hell they want. And I swear, all of our true loves are out there somewhere. Probably trying to push a pull door or accidentally getting off the wrong bus stop or or something. But they’ll find us eventually….hopefully.

Thank you. Goodnight.

*steps off soap-box*

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