January 1st, 2017by beautifulsinner

anyone here on antidepressants? anyone here know the numb feeling you get when your on the drug that isnt right for you? im on prozac right now and all i feel is the intense urge to die. i feel incredibly more suicidal on prozac now, more than i ever was before. but for some reason, my doctor doesnt think its the drug. i dont feel like myself though. i feel so out of touch with my feelings and i just feel so numb about everything. theres nothing coming in between myself and my suicidal plans, because i have no feelings. has anyone else felt this way? i know medication isnt the ticket to a life of happiness, but has anyone else experienced what im feeling? does anyone have an antidepressant they would recommend? my doctor said he would try and put me on Zoloft next. anyone have good experiences with Zoloft?

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