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sleep without rest

by Lazarus

Free me from my washboard prison; trapped within the rungs of steel and fabric. Tossed about. Useless stained cloth.

Use me like you should please. Tell me you would still forgive me; bleach me white again.  Tear me to shreds and make me feel pain.  Devour my resistance, show me pleasure.

Watch the words spill from my lips like droplets of crimson blood on stinging cuts.  Let the warmth ooze down porcelain skin in dead silence.

Allow the skies to part wide, just to show us the true face of oblivion.  Fall into the gaping jaws and tell me stories of what you find out there.

Ill alienate myself.  Ill break my soul into shards of glass and lose them.  Chase them down to find out that they were never there. Lose my religion in the process.

I will find life is like Cerberus.  Drooling maws, claws.  Teeth and paws. Threat tripled and doubled over.  Locked beneath and hidden away; too fast to catch but so close to see.

In not really sure. Just writing. take it however you’d like.  Its vague, and poorly written, I know. Dont remind me.

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1 comment

Foxglove7 2/21/2017 - 10:28 am

I Like it. I Love it! You have talent, take THAT as you will. 🙂

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