Narcissistic Mothers

  March 20th, 2017 by eternaldarkness

I came upon this article and it just explained so much. I never had a word for it. I thought I was alone in this growing up, but reading the comments below the article, it appears so so so many women and girls were abused by their mothers in this way too. I’m glad I’m not alone, and that the feelings that I feel are not abnormal, and actually, quite common among those who’ve had to grow up this way.

At the same time, how can so many mothers be so cruel to their own flesh and blood? Why even have children then? I just don’t understand it.

The comments below the article are great btw. It captures what I went through and the feelings that I was not very able to vocalize well, but vocalized much better by other people in the comments section.

Anyone else here grow up with a narcissistic mother?

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