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Gloomy Sunday

by BlueDiamond

Maybe I should save some money to go to the Golden Bridge. Probably need 1500 dollars to get to California. Sucks that it’s across my where I live. Rumor has it that the Golden Bridge leads to another world, once you jump off it. It sounds like an easy death. I fantasize about the journey to get there.

So, found this interesting song. It’s believed to be cursed because people have kill themselves listening to it. Since we’ll all suicidal here, it won’t hurt us, and if you not suicidal then for the love of prime why are you on this site!? Go to happy sunshine land. I two videos one that has the original song and its creepy story, but it’s sung in a foreign language, nd the second is a cover song by Sarah McLachlan. Listen at your own risk!


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hollow_man 5/27/2017 - 12:01 am

dont die just embrace the hate!

SisterDisgrace 6/26/2017 - 9:54 pm

I can’t see the videos… What are they called?

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