i am sorry….

June 17th, 2017by Butterfly904

I’m sorry to all of my friends for lying to you and telling you many things I should have. For pushing you out of my life and telling you nothing is wrong and I am fine. I know they will NEVER be on this site, but I really truly am sorry. But not for this one friend. I  not sorry for being shit to her. She never cared about me and when I would actually tell her something that has been on my mind for two fucking weeks she would just brush it off like it is nothing. IT IS SOMETHING THAT HAS CONCERNED ME FO R TWO WEEKS AND YOU THINK IT IS NOTHING. What a great friend. Oh! She also never fucking trusted me so why the fuck did I have the conscience to trust her. And now I went and applied to the same school she is going to, but WHAT SHE IS’NT GOING WHAT A FUCKING SURPRISE. I just fucking love my fucking life

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