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Right now, I wanna be not alright

by Ronin no seppuku

Let me just give up, Let me just let go,

If this isn’t good for me, well I don’t wanna know.

Let me just stop trying, let me just stop fighting,

I don’t want your good advice or reasons why I’m alright…


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Owsley 8/29/2017 - 11:08 am

Have you already planned how you think you’re going to do it?

Ronin no seppuku 8/29/2017 - 12:36 pm

Yes. I plan to do a “long drop“ hang. That should provide me with a good chance of success, without causing too much of a mess. Additionally, it should be relatively painless, provided I get the length of the rope correct. Once I get the rest of my affairs in order, it will be simple to test the length with some weights to ensure the correct amount of force is delivered. After that, I’ll be making my escape.

Owsley 8/29/2017 - 1:25 pm

One of my friends hung herself from a tree outside her apartment. Someone walking their dog found her. It was quite frightening. I miss the hell out of her.

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