Suicide without hurting others

  August 18th, 2017 by haterlivet

I want to end my life, But i want to end it in a way that doesnt hurt the people around me. I’ve come to learn that this life really aint for me, i tried for so many years to stay strong and fight the pain Im feeling, But its absolutely impossible and Nobody really understands the mental illness Im going through. I dont really like to talk about my depression to a lot of people, Cause they think that Im calling for attention or that its no big of a deal. But i really wish They knew What Im going through

My biggest problem is that i have a lovely boyfriend that tells me he loves me and cares for me and i know that If i Kill myself it will affect him. And i love him too much to hurt him in any way possible. So Basically i wanna end my life without hurting him.

I just really wanna end it as fast as possible. I’ve attempted 4 times in my whole life and failed all the times i’ve tried and What hurts the most isnt the fact that i’ve attempted, But the fact that i failed hurts the most. Please help me. I cant handle this much pain in life. What can i do?

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