Hope – The Pain Does Go Away

September 15th, 2017by yes please

Hi all,

This is one of my first posts here.

A few years ago, I was in a pretty dark place. I was convinced that my life was a burden and that I’d never be able to shake the bad thoughts that came persistently. Every day was a struggle. Nothing was improving and I was getting suicidal thoughts.

Some of you may be in the same or a similar situation. Please know that things get better. I’m still here. I’m still fighting. It is a fight. It might be the hardest thing you do, but you’re worth it. You’re worth the fight and life is worth fighting for.

You have no idea how valued and needed you are in this world. People need you. People need your good. People you haven’t even met yet are going to need your talent, ability, effort, hope, happiness. Even your smile can mean the world to someone.

I truly believe that God gives His hardest assignments to His strongest soldiers, and that through these tests He makes them even stronger.

You are that soldier. He’s making you stronger. This pain won’t break you: it will make you.

I can’t emphasise it enough. It may some bleak now, it may seem like nothing is going right and that everything is just getting worse, it may seem like your life is just pointless, but you’re still here, and somebody needs you to be in their life. Your parents, your siblings, your family-members, your friends: they all need you because you have a good soul and your love makes their lives better, and your life is better  for it.

Someone in a similar position to you is going to need you. They’re going to be hurting, they’re going to have those same doubtful thoughts, and you can provide to them that healing, that hope, because you’ve made it. You’ve endured the hurt that they’re going through.

Also, you deserve to be happy. Find what pure thing makes you joyful and celebrate in it. Remember it and go after it. Eat some chocolate. Watch a TV show from your childhood and enjoy being nostalgic. Listen to an uplifting song (James Taylor’s “Mexico” always makes me happy). Watch It’s A Wonderful Life (that film pulled me out of one of my darkest every days, and I believe it will do the same for you).

I understand that some of you don’t believe in God, but it was only by His Grace that I survived. Take faith and hope in Jesus Christ––He will save you and bring you into a joy and completeness you can not even imagine.

I’m praying for you all. Stay strong, be happy, and God Bless

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