December 29th, 2017 by eeyore

I love how my dad decides to be a father whenever he feels like it

He expects me to take care of his family, problem is I can’t even take care of myself

he just ignores the fact that he has responsibilities and just shitting mad at me for not doing his shit and doesn’t think that what he’s doing is wrong. He never admits that he’s wrong.

I feel like my mom loves him out of fear if that makes sense she would never have the courage to leave him

we just got a new baby sister and my dad made me spend the hospital nights with my mom while he was doing who knows

plus I took my mom to her babycheckups stuff bc he didn’t feel like it. I’m 16 btw

when we were at the hospital he came to check on my mom and she was trying to get up to go the bathroom and he yelled at me for not helping her when he was completely capable of helping her at that moment. And says shit like the only person here who needs help is you. All this shit said in front of the nurse. I was a bit embarrassed but it isn’t the first time for him to shit talk me in front of others. But I never talk back to him. I don’t even talk to him only if I have to

yeah now we have a baby check up and now he’s telling my brother from work to go with my mom

i guess if you’ve seen my first rant on here you’d know my situation if u care you can look at it

to summarize this shit, I hate my life and I don’t want to live

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