I want to kill myself

  January 17th, 2018 by eeyore

i don’t wanna deal with anything once again my father is relying on me to do his responsibilities I’m out here figuring out insurance shit I don’t even know what provider is supposed to be or what deductible is

he always gets mad at me for not knowing stuff no one ever taught me. As if a freaking dove is gonna whisper all the things I need to know in my ear.

my mom on the other hand is making me take religious classes and I don’t know she’s so harsh on me about it. I actually have cried everyday for the past two-ish weeks.

I always get yelled at. It’s bull crap. Nothing I freaking do is ever enough. Makes sense since I don’t know how to do shit.

I’m so so so so tired I just wanna be on my own but that’ll never happen so I just wanna die


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