I’m still here.

  January 9th, 2018 by Isabella

Hey guys,

I just wanted to pop on and say that I’m still here. A little life update of sorts. Again, when I say that “I’m still here,” I just want to confirm that I’m alive. Alive and well? I’m doing alright. I’m sitting here with my boyfriend right now. Last time I wrote on this website, I had a boyfriend who lived in England. It’s not the same guy that is sitting with me right now. We broke up a few months ago, right at the same time I met this guy in my English class. However, I will say that I’ve stayed single for lengthy periods of time in my life. My parents welcome him into our home, but still occasionally say that I spend too much time with him. I thought that it was required for me to find a healthy balance between him, my own activities, and “friendships.” (That word is in quotation marks because I don’t really have friends). The thing is, I’ve never been happier in a relationship and don’t feel right about things when we’re apart. I never want to face my problems alone again, since you can tell that I’ve been in this solo battle for way more time than I’ve cared to be.

I know there are problems with my assessment of this situation. For example, I’m basically putting all of my eggs in one basket. If I break this basket, all of my eggs will be cracked along with it. It’s been a difficult balancing act. There is another love in the picture, though. His name is Tiny Tim and he’s bigger than a hamster, but smaller than a ferret. He’s a chubby little guinea pig with mostly black coloring, but bits of blonde speckled behind his ears and on his backside. Essentially, he’s my therapy animal.

It’s an odd trio that I’m a part of, but something I constructed all on my own. I fit in somewhere. I start what is possibly my last year of university in about a week (I’m a bit behind). I remember writing on here as a scared freshman, begging for human interaction. That was an incredibly low point for me. I have more human contact now, but I still don’t have friends.

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