Failllllll mums birthday

  February 15th, 2018 by beautifulmonster

I feel even worthless today. It’s my mums birthday. I couldn’t even gas myself properly. What a fail. Now I have to wait till tommorow.

I’m really annoyed. I’m lying in my bed head hurts. I don’t want to be here another minute. I really don’t.

I cannot believe my own sister did not come to the hospital. So called ‘friends’ pfffttttt. Every dog for themselves. But my own family. Gronks yesterday on shit so they say I’m on G?! I fuvking don’t even like it. Hospital staff so rude. I’m begging them my chest was hurting and she kept telling me I took G. If I took G why inject me with Valium ? Expecially if I drank ?!?!

I go back into St Vincent hospital wobbling telling them I shouldn’t have left I don’t feel well at all. ***** goes on about G. Mother fucker u took my bloods clearly u would know what I had in my system. Tells me go wait in the waiting room. I look at her like wtf n say I was just in herewhy do I need to wait I can barely stand.
You are being rude you can leave. I get up as I’m walking off says you can walk now cant you. Lol Im going to find her and make sure she never walks.

I heard my sister tell my mum to get dressed there taking her dinner. No one bothered inviting me.

I can’t see tomorow.
My sisters are talking really low.
Wow they are bitching about me. Wooowwwwww omg. N that little *****. She’s become this rat from hell. I don’t even know who she is.

Ok an hour later.snapped at them.
Assholes. I tell
A junkie on H. N why didn’t they come hospital Why coz first apperently she knows why I was drunk and on drugs. Eeeehhh no. Dumb *****.nour fell asleep

Fuck em

They actually hate me
They hate me
I hate me
Why can’t I have a gun two seconds I’m gone.
Let them laugh at my grave

My head hurts so much

My chest oddly enough is ok

My head

They are ungrateful selfish dogs.

Please now please let me die

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