February 16th, 2018 by shelby

 this is my first time posting on here, or rather anywhere about my messed up self. I just realized today that I’m a compulsive liar. And I’m like a kleptomaniac or something.

i go to a boarding school, so tons of girls all living together. It’s fun, I have plenty of friends. But, since I’m as messed up as I am, I steal from them. And being the idiot I am, when they ask me, I say ‘what the hell thats messed up we definitely have a thief in the dorm’ because obviously, I have a problem.

Right there is one example of both of my problems. I lie a lot, and I usually don’t get in trouble or caught but when I do I continue to lie.

I’ve never tried to commit suicide, however I think about it all the time. Idk, I’m nit good at this stuff and I’m makihg my best effort to make everything I type here true.

I was gonna to make this a lot longer but not any more. What should I do?


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