My Job doesn’t fit me..

  February 12th, 2018 by nonexistingsoul

I think being an illustrator is not good for me. Well, it’s like I’m not good for an illustrator. This mental issues of mine affects my job. Right now, I can’t seem to draw. I can’t push myself. Not because I feel lazy but because I feel so satisfied with my work but my team, well some of the team, suggest something that DOESN’T really fit in what I’m drawing. I was so satisfied with what I did and already checked if this is okay, if this good and i already finished it maybe 2 weeks ago and it should be submitted 2 WEEKS AGO, and they didn’t do it. And now they want to change some things THAT DOESN’T REALLY LOOK GOOD. I was already satisfied but they’re not. I already see the beauty in what I did… and now, i can’t push myself to revise it just like the way they want it. Right now, I feel like my hands are chained, my heart feels heavy, my body won’t move and my mind hates the idea of changing it… I don’t fit this job cause I’m mentally weak. and I can’t fix myself

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