February 14th, 2018 by lonelygirl645

I try so hard to be good at everything I do. When I succeed I get praised, when I fail I get told “I’m not trying”. Those words sting more than anything else that has been said to me. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t be upset about messing up. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t care about how I did. If I’m not trying then why do YOU care about how well I do. You don’t know how I feel, or how you hurt me everyday. How your words cut like a knife that was just sharpened. I hate myself because of you. I act like a ***** to everyone else because of you. I tried to better my life by getting negative people out, which helped. But what really sucks is that i’m stuck with you because you are my father. But honestly, I feel like a burden rather than a child. If I say anything about how I wanna kill myself, you’ll say i’m being dramatic or oversensitive like those snowflake liberals. I hate how you discriminate people, I hate how you think mental illness was some democratic ploy for bigger government. I hate how you also think you’re right, and how I’m always wrong. That everything I say, you never believed. How my arguments are not as good as yours. Sorry, you’re 54 and I’m 16. What the fuck do you expect? I’m done. I’m out. I don’t wanna be apart of this anymore.

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