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by lonelygirl645

I try so hard to be good at everything I do. When I succeed I get praised, when I fail I get told “I’m not trying”. Those words sting more than anything else that has been said to me. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t be upset about messing up. When I’m not trying, I wouldn’t care about how I did. If I’m not trying then why do YOU care about how well I do. You don’t know how I feel, or how you hurt me everyday. How your words cut like a knife that was just sharpened. I hate myself because of you. I act like a ***** to everyone else because of you. I tried to better my life by getting negative people out, which helped. But what really sucks is that i’m stuck with you because you are my father. But honestly, I feel like a burden rather than a child. If I say anything about how I wanna kill myself, you’ll say i’m being dramatic or oversensitive like those snowflake liberals. I hate how you discriminate people, I hate how you think mental illness was some democratic ploy for bigger government. I hate how you also think you’re right, and how I’m always wrong. That everything I say, you never believed. How my arguments are not as good as yours. Sorry, you’re 54 and I’m 16. What the fuck do you expect? I’m done. I’m out. I don’t wanna be apart of this anymore.

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un 2/15/2018 - 12:04 am

Regardless of results, the fact you give an honest effort means something, and at the least you yourself know what you put in. No one is successful all the time.

Give it a few years.
I don’t speak with my father and I haven’t since I moved out. Did me a world of good. Blood isn’t everything, despite what they say. And there is a point where you get to cut him off if he continues to be toxic to your well being.

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