I really want to die right now

  March 2nd, 2018 by sugarcoated

i hate my life.

i’m in my last year of high school and all the pressure is on me.

i have to get into a good university to get a degree to get a job and make lots of money for my family.

my mum is mad because my younger brother is pretty “dumb”. Teachers say he’s work doing work or paying attention in class. So my mum is worried that he’s gonna fail school.

she was ranting as usual, but today was worse. She asked me “haven’t got homework?” I said “it’s the weekend” she just ignored me and continued saying “instead of watching that stupid show”.

i guess she hinted at me that I have to do well in school otherwise my family is done for.

yesterday i was explaining how we write English essays at school. Bad mistake.

as much as I want to die. I can’t.  …doesn’t stop me from cutting though.

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