I cant anymore

  June 15th, 2018 by ctrz

I’ve sat here, countless days, haven’t left the house, haven’t DONE anything, I have no purpose, nobody is willing to hear my cries, even my best friend, whom I thought was exactly like me cant see anything wrong. Im leaving to go to Japan in 12 days, and after that, when I get back, Im going to go see her and then, then Im done. Im done not having a reason to live, im done being hurt by everyone, im done with my deadbeat family who always bash on me. there is no way that im going to sit here and let this happen. so, on August 9th 2018, I will release all of my research, programming, papers, and hard drives to the internet for anybody to use, then I will disappear and monitor where it all goes for a year or so and then off myself. this is the final straw, if nothing happens between now and then, than thats it.

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