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All of Them

by sansfranzdeput

All these people, they stare at me;

They aren’t my equal, but I’m no good:

I want to run far away, but cannot feel my legs;

And if there were a finch, I’d keep it if I could.


All these people, they make me insecure;

I cannot keep my mind on what I have to do

If everyone and everything hurts, and there’s no cure.

If only I had a single place; but one happy thing.


All these people don’t make any sense;

I’d rather talk to rust forming on a fence.

They prefer to lie about every little thing,

But that makes understanding hard to outward bring.


I wish that all these people would just give the shit a rest;

That way I’d find a way to love, and not life protest.

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1 comment

Yikrens 8/26/2018 - 2:55 pm

I’m doing so bad on giving advices to a poet,
a beauty in transmission and a higher stand.

I know Medication if it’s not to control.
Also some Therapy.

On my profile is a active number of me. I’m to reach when I occupy a WiFi or after the 31 of this Month.

Giggles… to be watched.. I hope not like in MK II ULTRA.. I had a Hallucination twice, like as been observed as like to be in a Spotlight in the post-hiroshima investigation and I enjoyed it. It was also frightening!

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