Whoever reads this?

  August 26th, 2018 by thenovob

Whoever decides to read this?

I just want to say this post may piss you off. You may disagree with what I am going to say, I will not defend my argument. Some people might agree and thank you.

So where does this story begin?

Well let’s start from the beginning imagine your at school one day, you have a lot of friends, life is perfect for you. Everything is good. One day, you randomly get a call from a counselor saying that another student said you were going to kill your self. (I was a bit freaked out when I heard about this). My parents were worried about me. My grades dropped, things were bad.

A few months later!

Ok so My grades started going back up, I didn’t have to talk to anyone, my counselor just asked if I was all right every once and a while. Everything was starting to go back to normal. I actually believed maybe I did say it because I was pissed or something. THEN OUT OF THE BLUE it happened again, this time the police showed up and the school kept calling. It happened so quickly. I was sent to a behavior and mental hospital “Sundance Behavior Hospital” in Arlington. If I remember correctly.

Ok so hold on, I was skipping parts in the story.

A little bit before the hospital when the police arrived at my house. My phone reset it self deleting whatever and whoever was on it. My accounts, emails, bank information was all compromised. My parents thought I was crazy, and they probably still do. Whoever was doing this knew me, and my account information. The police, well it always seems like they choose to side on the wrong side. Everytime! They didn’t believe me.

ok so the hospital.

I was ok with the hospital. I knew what was probably going to happen. Some kids there really needed to be there and some didn’t. There was one kid who was placed inside the hospital for just not passing a class. I was like Come on. Here is a quote for hospitals, the patient should have the option to choose wheater he actually needs help or not. This whole thing was a waste of time because I didn’t need help, If I could go back I would tell the hospital, You killed someone, you put me (someone who didn’t need help) into a mental hospital which took a spot for someone who needed help.

After the discharge

So after the discharge many of my accounts were gone, I couldn’t get into them. Now we have a bunch of money we have to pay.I don’t know how I am ever going to pay this off. It’s like 20,000 in hospital bills, all because people are stubborn and what’s funny is after I got discharged and was able to get onto a computer I found proof, I know who did it. But I failed and was unable to tell anyone.


so the bottom line is. Whoever hacked me good job, you murdered someone, gave me a 20,000 fine, and got away with it. I lost everything!! I just want to know why me? I have never done anything to harm someone else, accept joke and talk a lot, so why?


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