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This thrill inside of Me

by Yikrens

How to you name the Power in us to make the Final Move, to give into something, to cry and to be forced to seek for food and water? The urge to smoke or to go for drugs.

Such an Movement inside of me is thrilling me to get to my own Rental. Anybody there in the Town is more of an fellow peasant than a friend and those who are a friend to me can’t actual set a rule for itself or have a proper set-up.

I like to be there. I can sleep there at least. I have nothing there yet about connectivity. And an all alone. I took it that I can start working soon. There is too little of an feeling to set a Workspace for the Laptop and start.. Well, all I could is for now cutting Multimedia like Video’s and Sound. Making some elements of Graphic. And I would need to order a new charger first-hand.

It is empty in my Life. That is dragging me constantly to Drugs. I can take Drugs without dying. Latest Innovation from Apple makes it possible to survive any Overdose. I did survived some of them on my own.

I fear to end up in Jail before I die or turn happy ever after. Nothing is dragging me right now to Suicide, the only options are to be in a state that is to some similar to suicide.

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