What Do You When You Tried Your Absolute Best and It Wasn’t Enough?

  March 12th, 2019 by Justanotherfaintstar

Throughout the course of my life, I have experienced a string of failures and have only occasionally managed to make the occasional breakthrough.

I wasn’t able to pursue the career I really wanted due to me not being skilled and experienced enough and there being a lack of entry level jobs to break in to the industry. Currently, I am unemployed and every job I interview for has 20 other candidates also campaigning for the same role and thus I keep getting rejected.

I don’t have enough money to go back to school and at this point, I regret ever going to school at all.

This natural spark that people have that seems to help them find their natural fit and skillset in the world seems foreign to me. I have never been good enough for anything, except being a constant failure.

Out of my siblings, I am the least successful. Every time I see them I am faced with the crushing fact of how much inferior I am to them.

I’ve honestly lost all hope and I have no prospects. I already feel dead to the world – no benefit to anyone or anything so long as I am alive. I don’t think that things will get better for me. I really don’t.

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