The world of chaos

  April 14th, 2019 by Akriloth

I hate this world.


This world is noisy. This world is so bright .This world stinks.


I want a world with no others, only with my family ,my loved ones .


What do the others know ? They know nothing about me .But they kept saying they understand me .Futile ,futil, so futile .


They speak beautiful lies that hurt my heart, and fill their satisfaction .


I hate it. From now on ,i will be all alone. I have my imaginary family. I will have a great pride that overcome all situations .Who do they think they are ?Acting almighty ? Thinking they are educated better? Stating that being mad at is a good thing ?Then HOW .ABOUT . ITS. MY .TURN. TO. TURN .THE .BOARD. I will be all alone! They say they will be helping. But they take things their way! Only filling their satisfaction ,abandoned my feelings! FINE BY ME !I TAKE YOU ON !I WILL ABANDON MY FEELING IF THATS WHAT YOU WANT!


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