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by Melancolia

I resent my parents so much, my dad is a bad person, hateful, judgemental, ignorant, arrogant, racist, narcissistic, a piece of work. I can’t wait for him to be dead. When that time comes I will feel like a huge burden have been lifted. I will no longer will have to pretend to care or listen to his idiocracies. One less person I have to pretend to care about. There are just not enough people in my family that I care for, and that is sad. I honestly dislike most of them, they were extremely mean to me and my sibling growing up, they were hateful and spiteful toward us and now they expect that I treat them with love and care, help when possible, etc. I resent my mom for putting us in that situation,  for not standing up to them and demand they respect us. I resent that she still want us to be that ones that always apologies toward them even when they are in the wrong. It drives me crazy, she just be on my side, even if I’m wrong. I hate her for that. She never sided with us, never.

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