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You reap what you sow

by rocketman

I’m not claiming I’m so smart, I’m like everyone else trying to survive in this cesspool called life, but I do like to pass along things that helped me and that I’ve learned,  this is a very true quote and very solid “You reap what you sow” but with a twist.

If you sow crap for yourself you will reap crap for yourself. So it’s important not to try to do that! 🙂

The twist is you also reap what others sow, when what they sow is crap and It directly effects you.

You can’t help that and sometimes you think it’s your fault and wonder why your so messed up, you shouldn’t blame yourself because of someones else’s actions and give up.

But if you sow good things for yourself it can only make thing’s better for you, in other words don’t take yourself down because of someones else’s actions and give up.

But it’s OK in my book to tell that someones else GEE THANKS A LOT YOU FXXXXX! 🙂

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