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Your problem wont affect my life

by Itscolourlife

He told me “Your problem wont affect my life”
And it makes me think 1 day full about it
Still a week.. 2 weeks.. and I still wondering what that means
One said I started liking him
One said he really doesnt care about it
One said no matter what happened its okay for him
Its a matter for me
Its a big problem for me
Im here feeling depressed want to die
And my mom will leave me first
Im here still hating myself
Im here cant accept this cruel world
Im here afraid to start something
Im afraid of my minds and feelings
I just dont want someone get in my space and ruin my last wall
No.. you already did half way
And thats why i should stop my feelings
I start I fell I shattered
Lets go run away
Better it will be better


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rocketman 8/5/2019 - 9:01 am

I don’t know? I don’t see how your problem won’t effect someone else in a meaningful relationship. I’m just commenting.

Itscolourlife 8/8/2019 - 5:27 am

What do you mean? I dont understand..

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