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She smiles but the pain is getting to her. She looks though the window and stares at the stars. With the scarlet red blood trickling down to her silver blade. She can’t breath, she’s suffocating in silence. Screaming for help and yet nobody can hear her. Everybody is giving up on her so she’s hopeless. Crying though the nights and fighting everyday she keeps a smile on her face. It’s like a mask. A mask that only she can see under. She will fall in love and still get hurt. Getting lied to is just something that happens everyday. She can’t go another day living in pain. She hears the words too often. Ever since she learned what suicide was she was told that it was a permeant solution to a temporary problem. But the problem isn’t too temporary. Everyday is like a war. Fighting getting new scars everyday. Today she was killed. She took the pills and fell asleep. But in her casket she still smiles. Now everyone knowing that she was wearing a mask. She’s gone. With a smile

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