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What do I do?

by jay08wat

So……. I’m 24 year old lad. I have over the past year suffered badly with my mental health. I was sectioned mid last year for a period of time and since discharge was making great progress. The past two weeks – I’ve just had this feeling off emptiness, loneliness, hopeless. I have been trying to manage it, but I just can not stop thinking about escaping this reality for real.
the pressure I feel under at the minute is unbelievable, I keep having this sense of guilt, fear. I don’t know why the sudden change in thought process. I know no one is putting pressure on me but I feel pressure from every direction. My dreams have intensified, I’ve become obsessed with wanting to leave.
it’s like I know my suicidal thoughts are intensifying but I’m doing nothing about it, I’m kinda going with the flow with no fear.
I’m aware my family will be upset, but surely long term you come to terms with it. I also see the benefit of not having to deal with my shit long term.

i suppose I’m lost in my thoughts, I’m not really sure where to turn to, my head is a mess.

Any Help

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lonewolf23 2/24/2020 - 11:28 am

Was there anything that may have triggered it? Perhaps an area in your life has been ignored. Something as simple as not receiving enough sleep, exercise, social interaction, nutrition, etc or a combination of all these can definitely make you feel depressed. What exactly is it? I want to know if you can maybe pinpoint what it is that you feel depressed about.

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