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by namrahellz

In this space
My eyes are open
But in reality, they’re closed
There is nothing around me
But darkness
And I sit
Waiting for something
And it comes
Whatever it was
It was a darkness unwelcoming
It brought about truths, lies, and all things in the dark
I hide
And wish for that darkness
For the night the savior arrives
It visits me every night
Coming like a wave of pure black night
Washing over me
Ridding the scars the other one left
I swam in an ocean of freedom
The scars gone
A light flashed
Intrigued, I reached towards it
It brought me back to life and burned me
I wanted to let go
I wanted to swim in the dark ocean forever
But, I was too weak

Too afraid to let go
Too afraid to save myself
So I shut myself
And let it drag me about
I’ll do whatever it wants
Until the night the savior comes
For the rest of eternity
And washing away
All that was left of the day

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