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My sister’s birthday

by Lacey D

At my sister’s 11th birthday party, she invited all of her friends to this place where you could bake a cake with fancy equipment. And she is an outgoing person, so there were 15-20 people there along with our extended family.
I had a mental breakdown in the parking lot, just complete and utter depression. When my parents got me to come inside, I locked myself in the bathroom so I wouldn’t embarrass my sister. My mom thought I was trying to kill myself again, so she got the people to unlock it and then wouldn’t let me go back in. So I spent the rest of the party curled up in a ball under the counter.
Then this year, I ended up in the hospital on her birthday. She couldn’t even visit because she was too young. But my doctor let her come, and she brought me a present. It was her birthday. I should have been getting her a present. I feel really crappy about missing her last two birthdays.

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Abnormal.Thoughts 7/1/2020 - 7:58 am

You could always take a day to do something special with just the two of you.

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