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Hydrochloric acid and bleach

by fadedobscurity2

Well, I promised on here that I would do it, and I did try. However my efforts were thwarted because this particular strategy though effective, is very painful.

I went to the store and bought glass cleaner (active ingredient is ammonia) and a gallon of bleach. I poured the contents of both into my bathtub. Nothing really happened. I decided that it needed to be more concentrated, but I was out of glass cleaner. I found some lysol toilet bowl cleaner (active ingredient hydrochloric acid) and poured it into the bathtub as well. That was the ticket.  Immediately my lungs began to burn, I began coughing uncontrollably, my eyes burned, my throat burned. These two chemicals combined make a toxic gas. I knew this ahead of time. My chest became tight and I was short of breath. I made it out of the bathroom to the couch where I called 911. The EMT’s immediately put me on oxygen, but my O2 saturation was low 80’s. Medically speaking this is called hypoxia. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where I was given 2 albuterol breathing treatments, and underwent a battery of tests. One particular test was blood gas. This blood test is taken from an artery as opposed to a vein. The results of that test revealed my blood was only 56% oxygenated, which meant my organs and brain were essentially starved for oxygen. I was transferred to another hospital where I was again placed on oxygen and given 4 more albuterol breathing treatments along with repeated blood tests. I was released 24 hours later, with a diagnosis of chemical pneumonia AKA chemical burns in my lungs.

The one thing I learned from this experience is this is not the way to check out.

My family and the doctors do not know it was a suicide attempt. They think I was cleaning the bathroom and got creative with the cleaning stuff. Since I have yet another failed attempt under my belt, I guess I will leave it this way.


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Her0Reb313 10/20/2020 - 3:44 am

No offense to your family but they are ridiculously ignorant if they think it was an accident. Did you drain the tub before anyone could find out?

Also, you probably did commit suicide in the long run. Probably from some form of Lymphoma or Cancer of some sort simply breathing in those chemicals combined.
… Just a lot slower than you ever anticipated.

Just curious.. You attempted.. Why the need to inform us? Just curious.
Is the post for you, or us?

Abandoned 10/20/2020 - 6:42 am

Someone almost died and your reaction is to interrogate them? Wow how respectful. I hope I almost die some day so I can be treated with the utmost respect like you’re treating them. Very thoughtful of you.

Abnormal.Thoughts 10/20/2020 - 8:49 am

To answer one of your questions, if the doctors and family don’t know it was a suicide attempt they are probably sharing because there is no one else to share with safely.

To OP, that’s scary, and sounds painful. I hope your feeling better currently, I saw your previous post on this but I don’t think you have really shared you reasons here. If you want to share please do, if not, that’s your choice too.

fadedobscurity2 10/20/2020 - 11:39 pm

If you look at my past posts, they’re filled with my reasons. As to a rehash.. failure as a father, as a husband, as a human. I’ve lost sight of the purpose of living. My family is religious so they tell me my point of living should be to make god happy. Well sorry I’m not living my life to please a temper tantrum throwing all powerful being. I don’t see the point of any of this anymore. Life, death, whatever.

fadedobscurity2 10/21/2020 - 12:06 am

To answer some questions…I have no idea who the post was for. I needed an outlet so I guess me. Yes I drained the tub before they saw it but the EMT’s and my wife both said that the bleach smell was strong in the house.
Even if I hadn’t drained the tub, I always plug it before putting cleaner in it otherwise it goes down the drain. I don’t understand your point there.
As to lasting effects, the doctors from both hospitals contacted poison control, and they informed the doctors of what care to provide. No one said anything about lasting effects, but if I get cancer from it or some other terminal illness, I don’t give a wet fart in hell. Bring it on, the sooner the better. Let. Me. Out.

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