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by Jack

This world is like a prison for souls. I believe I have a soul because I felt a deep pain in my chest which is not physical, every time I got upset. I don’t understand this world. I always retain and remember people’s zodiac signs. I feel like many people are fake. I don’t have deep relationships with anyone. I live with my mother and grandmother for the last five or more years and I had many upsets because of them. I also take some pills for mental health over the last ten years but I’ve had many ups and downs daily and many revelations although I’ve lived mostly in the house

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fxd45tsp 1/12/2021 - 9:16 pm

Due to COVID scamdemic restrictions put on by tyrannical and idiotic governments, I have had more time to reflect. And the idea of suicide came back. And keeps getting stronger. I seem to accept it the longer I consider it. Not sure I will see the end of 2021. Still have a promise I need to fulfill for someone. But after that…

I guess I will see. I know family can get annoying. I love my mother, brother, and sister, but I tell ya, spending more than a few days with them drives me crazy. And I see them 4 days max per year. Or maybe I am just anti-social. Come to think of it, that is probably the reason.

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