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I am garbage

by Galaxy7777

I feel like garbage everyday, that I don’t belong where I live, that I am worthless of the good things that may happen to me during my life. Mainly, I feel like a fucking selfish person, or even worse, a narcissist. My intrusive thoughts never give me peace of mind and I have to try staying calm to not screaming… HELP.

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Christina_the_Cat 1/16/2021 - 11:39 pm

Sit down, take a deep breath and tell yourself none of this is true. These are lies: you’re not garbage. You’re not the best person on this planet, not even close, but that doesn’t make you horrible. I’ve done evil, yet I’m in peace with my past since I know I’ve learned so much. Whether you’re worthy or not of the good things in your life is irrelevant: does a mother love her child because they deserve it or simply because she’s happy they exist? Be grateful and that’s enough. Besides, it’s natural to be selfish, as long as you don’t follow the path of excess. If you don’t think about your own good, how will you be able to be there for others?
You’re not a narcissist. If you were, you wouldn’t ask yourself these questions.

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