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by maryjain1e

honestly i want to focus on myself and focus on my mental health so i just dropped all my friends one by one in the kindest way possible. i dont know if this was a good decision or not since i mean alot to some of them but honestly sometimes i hate them and sometimes i dont. they do shitty things and make me want to not talk to them but unless i actually ghost them i cant hold a grunge and completely stop talking to them. most of them didnt care anyways so its fine but idk if i did the right thing


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Yoges 1/25/2021 - 11:35 am

That’s alright so long as you didn’t deliberately insult or hurt them in the process. Atleast you have the decency to try prevent collateral damage. You can make it up to them after you’ve found your mojo.

darkwillow 1/25/2021 - 2:13 pm

Friends can be jerks. Every can can be horrible sometimes.

But I have a feeling you’re going to be needing them soon..

nobody else 1/25/2021 - 2:15 pm

true friends will understand your need for space. I did the same thing a few years ago, just stopped communicating. The selfish poser friends freaked out and started acting like little b&ches. But 1 real friend didn’t hold anything against me and 5 years later we’re close again. thats the definition of a true friend. you’re much better off without the others.

mountaingoat 1/25/2021 - 3:24 pm

Sometimes you gotta be alone. For some it’s a lifetime thing. Your friends probably aren’t feeling the same about things as you are now anyways so even when you’re there you’re alienated to some degree.

People want others to be present with them and when you get to a certain stage of poor mental health, it just removes you from where most people actually are inside.

I don’t know that you did the right thing but it might have been the only thing you could do at this stage of your personal evolution.

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