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“good news” and other ways in which I am surprised.

by heartlessviking

Note the sarcasm on the concept of “good news”, the “good news” is that after plenty of pain and drama the people I work for have decided to let me keep my job description. Middle class junk. I’m completely convinced that working class and middle class are in fact code for; subservient enough to admit that we are all owned, and none of us have independence of action or freedom.

All work which requires others is now in my mind a holding action. I want out, as in I am ready to retire, because I see no place in the economy for someone passionate about effectiveness and helping people. I’m 33 years old and completely done with capitalism, as a participatory sport it is a thing in which a large amount of people suffer, a few people reap the rewards, and at least half end up incapable of useful purpose all in the name of convenience and comfort for the select few.

I’m just going to go hunting for money. I’ve been hunting for meaningful and rewarding work for 15 years, and it is not something available to anyone not independently wealthy, which is something I could become. It becomes less what is possible, and more what is plausible and achievable. Money is relatively easy, if you just abandon all morality, which is EXACTLY the exchange you must make to work. That’s how it is. You cannot participate in the economy I live in without profiting from the suffering of others. Oh well, such is humanity, everyone else likes it so I guess that’s FINE?! Fine, screw with people without me. I’m buying my way out. I sold my soul the day I agreed to work for a living. I’d rather go the Bill Gates route and become so wealthy that no one can ask anything of me.

Consider it really is amazing, fantasy level the power we give billionaires. They can do anything they please. Meanwhile, the power of a mere consumer? Nearly nil, don’t be one of those. *upper crust affectation* Being poor and not well connected sure does seem like an awful bother…. why would anyone CHOOSE such an existence?

They don’t choose, I’m in the narrow field of people with such a choice. That doesn’t make it easy, it just puts it on the table. Life has gotten so dark that I’m willing to snatch it off the table. I understand exactly what I abandon for it.

Thus passed away this man’s sense of moral duty, his ethical feelings, and any remaining belief that what is right matters to anyone.

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