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Homeless shelters are glorified prisons

by elleInWi

I am beyond annoyed right now. Ever since we have been here the people who work at this shelter have treated us like we deserve to be punished for bein homeless. I spoke with the director here about my autistic son and his dietary needs n how he was starving here. So he put on our file that its okay if i supply my kids with their own food/drink. Well the 2nd shift women are now angry at this and are holding my kids food n drinks hostage because theyre like he cant have it unless u share it with every1. Like 1. I dont have food stamps and my brother supplied this stuff for my son. 2. You think your opinion matters more than your boss? 3. This is discrimination against a kid with a disability. 4. Wtf is wrong with u?!      So now im gonna go to their boss and report how my son was deprived of his food n drinks at supper time because they wanted me to hand out to every1 and i cant afford that sh**. I am so tired of my kids suffering at the hands of halo inc. Halo needs to be shut down for how they punish homeless people. I reported em to human services and even hs knew about the horrible conditions and staff members. Some1 save us!!


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Soda 2/23/2021 - 10:18 pm

I’m truly sorry for your situation. I hope you are able to find a way out of the shelter. Perhaps you can apply for welfare and obtain other benefits.

Here in Canada they’re tough but they do offer people in bad situations a lot of help. I realize in the US it could be worse.

I know with Covid it’s also harder to find gainful employment but I’d suggest using any connection you have to better your situation. Maybe there are friends/family that can assist you for a short while until you’re back on your feet again.

While I’ve never been homeless, I have been a pretty dire situation once. I learned that I should always have a job and savings set aside just in case something bad does happen, then you can easily ride it out.

Also to never to put any faith in unreliable people (including family members), they can screw you over when you’re at your worst.

Through hard work I eventually got myself into a good position and I plan to keep improving, but anything worth having doesn’t come easily.

Mf 2/24/2021 - 3:43 am

Yeah, shelter workers going over their boss is kinda common, i’m not even in the us and i know about that (happens around here too, someone i know used to work at one). I’m guessing they’re seeing you as selfish and well… some people are even more stubborn than usual because of all the covid stress, so likely they think they’re doing the right thing (which they’re not, since your kid has special needs). I sure hope you can get out of there sooner than later, but if it’s all you have right now… better than nothing i guess?

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