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medication cocktail

by d3ad0nthepavem3nt

i’m not sure if i should mention names or brands or anything, but i’m just asking to make sure this cocktail of drugs could be lethal.

9 cold and flu tablets , 20 paracetamol , around a bottle of cough syrup, a bottle of hand sanitizer and sleeping pills to make the process as painless as possible.

should i add anything else to the mix? i have anti bacterial medication and antidepressants, but i’m not sure if they’ll be effective.  i know that bleach disintegrates your insides and is extremely painful. a lot of people have said that overdosing isn’t effective, but i have to try. i’ve tried too many times and it hasn’t worked. i just need to be released. no one takes me seriously anyway, everything will just end up being the same. i can’t deal with the pain anymore. will this cocktail of substances work?



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heartlessviking 2/21/2021 - 10:40 pm

Not the way I’d go. People always think that the sleeping pill add to the cocktail will knock them out….. long story short, no, doesn’t work. We have professional people trying to figure out a pain free method of execution, and they aren’t particularly successful so far.

It’s going to hurt, quite a bit, and it may or may not kill you. I get it, being out of options sucks, but you’d do better to do narcotic hard drugs than trying to OD on over the counter stuff. More certain to die from a serious substance abuse problem than trying to bring it about via self improvised means.

You do you though. I don’t recommend it, because I’ve seen plenty of people who end up long term injured due to such an attempt. On the flip side; constant pain is my life, I can get that desperation to end it. For the moment, regardless of how you decide to go, know that in this moment you weren’t alone. I doubt it means anything to you, but it is all I have to give you.

Mf 2/22/2021 - 12:05 am

Nope, just don’t. You’re gonna end up in the ER and get your stomach pumped. I don’t say this to stop you, i say it from experience and to save you the trouble (i took LOADS more of those and i’m still here).

stupidbitch 2/22/2021 - 12:11 am

What @heartlessviking said. I know it’s probably worthless to say this, but please don’t go through with your plan. I’ve tried overdosing twice. I know how desperate you are to die. I know I’m not important to you, but please know that I take you seriously. No matter how impossible you think this is, there’s still a chance for your life to change for the better. I believe in you.

elleInWi 2/22/2021 - 12:24 am

Ive been there done that, trust me it wont work. Pills n bleach arent as pure n strong as they used to be. I ate bleach tablets and belched all day. And bleach smelling burps are horrendous. Trust me just dont do it.

Jhecev 2/22/2021 - 1:28 am

I got a 10 grand medical bill and that was years ago. Also was so sick for so long. So you got the wrong idea if pain is what you’re trying to end.

User34730 2/22/2021 - 3:49 pm

The straight answer: no those doses aren’t enough. I’m not going to say what the actual lethal doses are, but it’s considerably more than what you’ve got planned.

I also made an ill advised desperate attempt at overdosing using most of those ingredients. Not even close. But I’ll tell you what it did accomplish: a huge hospital and ambulance bill and the worst night of my life. Please spare yourself the ordeal. I know how much you must want to break free of this life (I’m right with you) but that way doesn’t work.

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