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by heartlessviking

so, today I went to a support group for suicidal people…. and they talked about the effects of stress on the human body, and breath training…… I have BS in psychology and have been in therapy for over twenty years. You seriously think I don’t know how to breath? or the effects of stress? For pity sake, I was doing breath exercises when I was 12…. here I am 21 years later realizing that there’s nothing better.

so, I also got an appointment with a therapist out of the whole thing……. not optimistic. The theme today was finding hope. What fucking hope? It’s a miserable species and it can come up with no more creative place for me than waiting to shuttle around children that the state can’t bother to provide decent care for, for $18 an hour….. benefits are good, but I guess I thought there was more to life than this.

whatever, I’m stuck on this planet while I work up the momentum to die….. futile is all that is available.


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blue_dude15 3/10/2021 - 1:10 am

What is wrong with that suicide support group??? “Learn how to breath”???? “Effects of stress”? Seriously? That`s all they have? Learning about effects of stress; how is that meant to help?
Sorry if I sound angry or anything lol, it’s just that suicide support group sounds like its giving a very pathetic attempt to help people.

system 3/10/2021 - 2:41 am

all breath work has ever done for me is trigger my manual breathing, ends up giving me a panic attack. my mum has her PsyD and she always has told me that especially with DBT and CBT, certain techniques just don’t work for certain people

Mf 3/10/2021 - 4:45 am

In cases like yours (you seem to have pretty good insight resources) i feel like the more you know… well, you get the idea. Might just be my impression (been there), but if you have a good grasp on what you have in your head, how you function and what works and doesn’t for you… yeah, therapy is kinda pointless. Finding a therapist that turns your life around might still happen, but it’s harder than for people that still haven’t explored different styles of therapy.

Robert77 3/10/2021 - 9:14 pm

Sounds like a suicide help group to me. The system is broken. I have been trying to find a psychiatrist and they are like we can see you in 3-6 months. I need some valium like yesterday folks. I think our society is moving towards getting people to end their lives for population control. Everything everywhere is broken. This COVID trip and government reaction is just destroying peoples lives. Locking us up and putting masks on us. I don’t mind so much being home for extended periods of time but would like the freedom to maybe start living my pathetic life again.

spreject 3/13/2021 - 10:20 am

Just listened to this talk with Martin Seligman where he describes research done on people in the military who went on to kill themselves. Apparently, a common denominator was a lack of meaning in their lives (“meaning” in the sense of a purpose that is greater than yourself.)

So I wonder if what could actually help people on this site is figuring out how to make the world a (in their opinion) better place. And then working towards that goal.

spreject 3/13/2021 - 10:20 am
a1957 3/13/2021 - 4:36 pm

I started doing this thing of making the world a little better place by doing many minor but nice things for others that only very few could ever know it was I who was leaving a space, or a situation, in a bit better shape than I found it in. The combined sum of the effect of all my efforts probably amounts to little, as the world goes. But the sense of worth and purpose I get out it is quite a bit.

nobody else 3/13/2021 - 1:46 pm

I avoid support groups for these same reasons. I guess the idea is to provide a positive environment, no miracle cures or even anything new that you haven’t heard a million times but just a safe space. That stopped working on me years ago if it ever worked. I imagine someone with a psychology background would be wasting their time even more. Funny how psychiatrists always top the list of depression. I guess its because they know the BS routine because they get paid for it, but in their hearts they know it doesnt work. No one and nothing can give you a “purpose in life” if you don’t already have a clear idea. For those of us who just dont see one, I doubt breathing exercises and talking about hope will help. Like forcing an atheist to sit through sunday mass. wrong strategy.

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