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C’mon, man… I know we’re all here because our situations supposedly preclude any real sense of hope… But I don’t think that’s really true for all of us. For some of us, recovery is a practical impossibility. But for others here, there’s still hope, even though life is shit, to go on, and at least not allow it to become any worse. Sometimes you need to let go of shit and focus on the future if you wanna survive at all. It’s the ego that wants things to be the way they were before. The ability to change things only comes with accepting them as they are…

Sure I have more to say, but if it’s going to be met with resistance, which I suspect it will, then well… Yeah. I don’t know, I think I’m done.

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Abnormal.Thoughts 3/9/2021 - 9:04 am

Yes, there is hope, a good portion of the people here come and go. Many will probably wake up one day and all of this darkness will be a distant memory, sadly not all will survive the storm though.
It’s easy to empathize though, whether it’s clinical mental illness or situational, when things are rough it’s hard to see a way out. Everyone needs all the support they can get to stay afloat in their darkest moments.

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