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The marble tomb

by Postal

and discovery is the mouth of a cave draped in vines, deep in the forest, untouched by anyone else.
I miss this feeling – Roaming aimlessly with a nervousness- and the abyss of feeling lost –
You always win something. You find something, and it’s gorgeous. The evergreen moss, the massive jaws drooling in the pouring rain. A chamber that breathes and echoes- a sweet reverberation. A hive you want to fill with candlelight and dark red wine. Still, it would feel empty- this imaginary place. The moss and woodwork are alive and on the outside – the thick flow of thriving life. Wood rots and enriches the soil, but cannot thrive beyond that.  And you could imagine, a glimpse through a dust covered window or impossible storm of fog, a marble tomb remains, and life remains. Who couldn’t want that ideology? That a sea full of stars will never disappear. That a marble tomb can bring you more company than an empty cave. Who could feel happy admitting that God couldn’t exist? Why wouldn’t they imagine the endless possibilities- it makes a person feel whole.
The marble tomb – a catholic church – the sacrament. I miss this place, it felt warm. I wish more than anything that being a homo wouldn’t damn me from it – ha – and the best part is a catholic will never tell you you don’t belong there – that’s a baptist/methodist’s job… but the rule is understood. I’ve been ashamed to return, and I probably never will. A new church – a massive tomb-  possibly – now that the truth is completely out –


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Sbilko 3/28/2021 - 2:36 pm

Please, disregard the words of whoever tells you “you don’t belong here”, for the church is open to all, in love, for our Lord Jesus died for me as much as he did for you. I extend my love towards you if it is of any comfort. but please, don’t listen those who have words of love to say.

Neon Tree 3/28/2021 - 9:29 pm

lol I don’t understand the last line. Could you elaborate?

Sbilko 3/29/2021 - 9:47 pm

Oh, sorry, I meant the opposite xD don’t listen those who have words of hate to say.

I send you lots of love! And may my love be genuine, that if you need anything, be I like a brother to you; a person if you need, I’m here.

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