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Attempted murder? Definetly neglect

by thedevilisclose

I’m allergic to peas (I know stupid allergy lol). Anyway it was something we’ve known since I was very very little. My ‘father’ (take it for what it’s worth. He lies about the sky being blue I swear) said that, they have been putting peas in my food WITHOUT TELLING ME and saying that I’m fine. First of all, you knew I was allergic and you didn’t tell me!!!!!?? Granted, it wasn’t a horrible allergy. My face got puffy, red, felt weird, that’s about it. I got over it fine on my own. I mean, for all they know I could have gotten more allergic to it over the years and it could have killed me.

This aside, let’s say they did lie and didn’t actually do that. Good, just fucking grand. Now I’m gonna go to a friend’s house and have some because “oh I’m not allergic anymore” and then have an unknown allergic reaction. Yeah, that’s awesome. (might I add I actually like peas.)

Now how do I know all of this. Well because I got curious one day. What about fresh peas? So without telling my then friend I walked over to the garden and said “watch my face” with no warning. I then ate some peas. Paid attention to how I felt and she didn’t notice anything however still had no idea why I asked. “oh yeah I’m allergic lol”. So garden peas are fine and I love them.


However, under the belief garden peas were fine I was at a farmer’s market with my aunt and nanny. “Oh these should be fine”. I didn’t have much. My face started to feel weird. I looked in the mirrior. Yep allergic reaction, I’ll just give this back. (they were my familys. I didn’t give them back to the market lol)


So that’s my fun possibly attempted murder by my own parents story.

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