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Depressive down the Grave..

by Yikrens

I am already out of Solutions. Even my attempts failed. Got over Drugs, yeah I made that for now but I need Help. I can not go to Psychic Ward due COVID, I can not go there because I would lack Sport. Beautiful Human, but I can not feel them, even when they try hard. I could have a Date next Week but how can I make it without crying? Crying again Nightly like there is nothing left, trying to keep it down so I could sleep. Forgetting what I see during sleep, barely productive during the Day. Can not make me Happy. I am planning on buying some Ketamine, it seems like it is the last thing that I would not use as a Drug but even Ketamine is recently a Risk due the Pain, the Aching of my Heart. I feel like I am going to die early due this Heart, if not due, … Giving the own Life into the Hands of someone else can not be done twice. I have many that other People do not have. A Tablet, a Phone, a Loudspeaker, a Camera, a Laptop, a second Tablet, one hundred Books and great clothing. But I miss real Happiness. That kind of Happiness that makes one tied to the People around one. Happiness that can be reproduced. When I laugh, it is Insanity.

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TheOpenRoad 4/11/2021 - 2:45 am

Why would laptops and phones make anybody happy? If you want the kind of happiness that ties one to the people around them, why not go out and find it? Make friends. Revisit family. It’s all there waiting for you.

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