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I owe myself $60

by thedevilisclose

I get $150 for spending money. I haven’t spent a cent (payday being last friday) and I already owe myself $60. That leaves me $90. And I need $50 for my cats tags in case they get out and a little under $50 for coffee I drink to help with my disorders.


Booze (much like weed) is a wonderful problem maker.


Also if I could make my home page just my stuff (so not the main site like it currently is) that would be awesome however even if that is possible I doubt it would happen considering the mods don’t even seem to be watching their own site anymore. I mean, nothing gets done and someone that shouldn’t be here clearly still is. Apparently what they did wasnt bad enough even though it went on for months and the person they were harassing hasn’t been seen since. I hope they’re ok after all that but I doubt it.

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