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Sabatoge or Stupidity

by thedevilisclose

I can’t remember exactly which classes now but I do remember being highly annoyed/pissed off.

Gr10. Choosing my classes for gr11. I had everything perfectly picked out in an OCD overthinking fashion. I had my classes planned out so I could get my credits for school and so I could learn what I needed to for my before highschool decided career. I had EXACTLY what I needed.

My homeroom teacher: you’re too smart for work place math. Pick something else.

If I’m too smart for it don’t you think I’ve thought of that? I’m opening a business, why the fuck do I need calc!?


And my parents (specifically my ‘father’) : you should take economics.

Why? I don’t need economics. I know shit all about economics (oh did I mention I’m going into gr11 and its a gr TWELVE class). Yes I took gr12 writing, but I like writing. I’m good at writing. I KNOW SHIT ALL ABOUT ECONOMICS!!! For the time I was there I sat beside the power plug so I could take naps and charge my phone.


Seriously you fucking idiots. If I’m smart enough to take those classes don’t you think I fucking know this!!!!?


Whatever I basically got kicked out that year for having depression and being abused. (yeah I know what awesome systems we have here)

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