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Poem I wrote inspired by a comment I made on here…

by ClaboC


By ClaboC

You’re there

Peering out on the edge of the window

You look down

A chasm deeper than the Mariana

You’re above it but still drowning

Till finally, you feel the push

Was it the wind?

Was it your fears?

No, you were thrown.

Discarded by some fool who’d lost grip on reality

And there goes gravity


You fall

The suffocating turns into air

Air into freedom

Freedom into fear

Fear… then, regret

It’s too late

You’re already falling

No parachute to save you now

And god is on a business call

Concrete, bones

Screams, cries

What is real?

Who knows, cause now the only thing real is the pain.

The suffering you once felt is gone

Replaced by pain indescribable with words

You’re dying

The clock ticks

Everything ever, flows through your mind as the line between conscious and not, blurs

The pain is gone now

But the drowning has returned

But this feels more real

Not as ethereal as before

Because now

You’re quite literally drowning

But you always have been

What’s the difference

After what feels like eons of darkness

Your eyes open

You can’t move but you see doctors around you

Sitting in the corner is your family

Your lover is there holding their hands

Waiting outside is your best friend

But someone’s missing

That’s it!

It was that bastard who did this to you!

Threw you out of your apartment window

Maybe they caught them?

Maybe they’re in jail already?

Attempted murder

That’ll teach them!

But wait…

You move your eyes

You see their hands!

Their feet too!

Covered in casts and gauze

Their movements mimicking your own

As if to mock you

Tears roll down your face as you realize

“What have I done?”


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TheOpenRoad 5/14/2021 - 6:42 am


sad_pOtaTo 5/14/2021 - 11:02 am

woah this is really worth the applaud 🙂

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