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by elleInWi

Filled up 1 journal worth of venting&thoughts. Got a new journal, this time its a mini one so im sure itll fill up quick. My therapist had me read 1 of my enteries. She liked my writing and how well it flowed almost like a story. But each entry i do looks like it was written by a diff person. Some are just so out there n aggressive or tedious. But i was pleased to hear she liked it.

She gave me booklets to work on that surround my feelings and relationships. Since i always fall for toxic men, im trying to get away from that and work on why i feel thats the best i can do. I dont have low self esteem, i know i just accept these dbags because im bored and well sex is sex. But i dont feed into their lies n i do what i want. Which irritates them. My ex used to try to beat that out of me for 5yrs. I still never complied. So he moved on to women who would give their all to him. Eh, i like my freedom. Granted i still want intimacy from time to time so im keepin an old fwb. Considering he never sees me as relationship material n doesnt care how i look, which makes the nsa part so much easier. Hes a good looking man with a great career, and im the homely lookin frumpy single mom he bangs. Isnt that kinda cliche?

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TheOpenRoad 7/22/2021 - 11:30 am

I’m glad you’re doing well Ellen

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