I Can Never Satisfy

September 30th, 2012 by Jake

No matter how much I try with my parents, my teachers, my friends, it never adds up, I can never satisfy anyone. Nothing I do is ever right. Even if I do do something right it is still wrong! I’ve had numerous failed attempts against my life and just quit trying after that. But every time my parents start up about my schoolwork I want to go back for another try. The only time I feel clm and relaxed is when I’m playing a game or doing something outside with my imagination (no, not masturbating). I’m sitting there all calm just playing my video game and my parents come in there and chew my ass for making a B in a class. No video games, no friends, no nothing! All they want is more! I don’t see why I can’t just make B’s my sophmore year and buckle down when I become a junior; when colleges and such actually start looking at me. If you read this thank you, it means a lot to me because this is my way of getting what I want to say out, and it really helps my conscious. So thankz! :)

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3 Responses to “I Can Never Satisfy”

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  1. I hear you. You should be able to relax this year, try to make friends build your life so when junior year comes around you’ll have friends to lean on. I have to warn you, junior year absolutely sucks. Enjoy sophomore year while it lasts, and keep your grades in the B range. Sophomore year is for making friends and establishing your place in the school. Try not to let what your parents say get to you, hope it gets better.

  2. You are welcome. I read your post. What’s wrong with B’s! I got straight A’s in high school and ended up waiting tables most of my life. My friends who got B’s had good careers. Your parents need to “chill.”

  3. i pretty much focused on academics as well. i have a decent job, but i have zero social skills and low self worth. try not to hate your parents, they want what’s right for you, they just don’t know how to convey it. at least your life didn’t involve corporal punishment..(still have a mark from that leather belt i got hit with)

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